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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Living in interesting times

It has been suggested, since life here is currently on occasion more dramatic than a novel, that I should update this web site. So, with some apologies for absence (TOD has now reached 10k hits a day and my conscience makes me write there more often) herewith a little update on some parts of the story. I will try to add more over the next month as a further part of the drama unfolds.

As you may remember the Ri had instigated broad slaughter on his arrival. The Crown Prince headed for the market square in a tumbril before Christmas, and the Mighty Boyar went soon after. Wishing to at least provide a semblance of democracy to the process the Ri then send the matter to the Commons, where it was debated, sent to committees and all the other furbillows that provide the semblance of democracy. In time the voice of the people was heard (about a couple of weeks ago) and lo! They had agreed that doing away with a level of the Aristocracy was an acceptable practice. Thus while transient Dukes will reign for another year, at then end of that time they will be gone and we will be one of the few places in the country without them.

Our current Duchess is not amused, but has another problem in that all the minor barons beneath her are stepping down, and need replacing, and in the current climate it is not clear who will come to the fore by the beginning of next semester.

The Dauphin had at one time feared for his own neck, but by some adroit moves has survived to reach the final four in the running to be the new Crown Prince. The interviews are over the next two weeks and so it will be interesting to see how that comes to pass. I had a shouting match with one of the other candidates some years ago, and so we will have to see how that goes.

In my own personal case, I believe I was to be replaced by a newly hired person - unfortunately so far we haven't found one we like. This is a bit of a bother since there are other things (such as TOD) that I was setting up to keep me amused in my dotage. However we now have two golden BB's rolling in our hands, one of those experiments that a student did where the guidelines were not fully defined, and so the experiment ran on parameters that "will never work." Gobble, gobble is the sound of me eating those words. We have one of those neat photos that will probably get unveiled before long. Glad in a way that it happened after the TV crew came since we may want to keep this a little more obscure until we have worked out more of the ramifications. So, for the short term, I will bumble on, but this needs to get resolved fairly soon since the iron is hot and somebody needs to strike it.

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