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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

How would you like your head?

Well i made the major presentation on the golden bb today to our ghost of a Prince. It is a bit hard to convey a vision to someone who believes in doing things the way he did them twenty years ago, and wants to enforce the mold.

So tomorrow I have lunch with one two steps over his head, and thus will probably write to the Ri in the morning to make sure that he is not blind-sided. If I am to play this game I need to remember some of the political tricks of my youth since this is too novel for some, though I have to say that most who start to listen grasp it quickly. But then when you get to be a ghost I guess it gets harder.

Tonight we went and saw the Red Neck Tenors, I would highly recommend them I ended up buying two CDs one for us and one as a gift, and yet that does not convey the success of the show. I cried with laughter more than I have in years, and yet the singing was equivalent to the Met - which is where some of the cast had previously sung.

Tomorrow begins with a visit to the bonesetter, then to prepare for the lunch. Today, following the arrival of our new king, those who are no longer in favor called a meeting, to try and form a group that the Ri "should listen to because of their experience", ah! How to tell them that yesterday's hero is just that. Having lived that cycle more than once, I am not sure whether to speak up or not.

For now, having listened to the RNT CD, it is time to tiptoe away again, G'night.

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