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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Yay, I did not go to work today!

The exam is written, and taken twice already, and I am left trying to evaluate art as practiced by engineers. There are three highly creative pieces, some very thoughtful ones, and a couple of "the enginerd strikes again" type. So Monday will be the fun of the evaluation and grading (in truth).

Well, having treid to get the task force going one suddenly sees that any broad vision is going to be restricted by who is here and what they are interested in. This cold water in the face, leads obviously to the conclusion we need to team with others, but with the head of the Prince Regent still recumbent in the gutter, I am not sure whether it is appropriate to seek guidance from his spirit, or try and navigate the fog of the succession fight to determine who to get advice from, and to whom one should tie one's flag.

If I said that student issue has not died, but continues to create enemies - this is amost absurd, except that in seeking for a person to blame . . . it does not help that my back is largely uncovered these days.

Talking to a colleague it transpires that my resignation is no longer held as tightly as I thought, which means it is time to move the announcement, except that I hate to do it before Xmas.

Other than the TOD books, I am now reading "Eldest" by Christopher Paolini, whose first in this trilogy was written apparently when he was 15. Does not bode well for the wait to the final book (he's now 19), but they are a good read.

Once I had a little routine, be patient, hopefully soon I can return to it, but, the way things are going, it will only be on bloody feet. Well time to go throw another log on the stove, and perhaps to try some Orangecello- the Montpezat that was the weekend wine is, sadly, not to be recommended.


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