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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Staged versus real excitement

Given the alternatives I think I would have preferred watching King Kong, which had a number of exciting moments. Today the Engineer was to fly back to the West Coast, and so we turned up to drive him to the local airport, expecting no problems, and with plenty of spare time. When we got to the local airport (which took 2 tries since we drove past it the first time, not recognizing what it was) they checked him in, and then said, "well we aren't sure that the flight won't have problems." It was only with a bit of chat that we discovered that the airport was actually closed because of the fog. So the Actress and the Engineer chatted some more, and found that he could be booked out of a larger airport a mere 70 odd miles away, and on a flight that left some 105 minutes later.

So we hopped back into the car, and I turned the wrong way out of the airport, adding about 20 minutes to the trip. Did I mention that it was foggy. It was also raining (which at this time of year in Maine is rather rare apparently, it is more commonly snow). Then we had to find the second airport, not a trivial or instantaneous process. We get there some 15 minutes before the flight, but the Engineer has to check a bag and the line to the electronic baggage check is hardly moving. But the flight is 15 minutes late, and 10 minutes after he joins it, the baggage line is still not moving. However a friendly attendant chats with the Actress and lo, the bag moves to the front, and the Engineer trots off to the security line. Turning up just before a flight, young etc etc - yup, fits the profile, and so off he has to go for the extended search, as they finish calling all seats for the flight. The Actress is mildly perturbed, but in the end, just as they page him from the plane he finishes at security and disappears into the concourse. We wait 30 minutes, he does not reappear, and so, at a much more leasurely pace, we head back up North.

One Persian rug, and a Chinese dinner later we have also found out that he made it to la Guardia, and then "something happened." We don't know what, but he will be spending the night there and should be on a flight tomorrow. But it is hard to get reassigned to a different plane, due to the time of year.

Now the forecast tomorrow is rain, but the locals are saying snow, and we have to travel through the more distant airport. So methinks we will be up a little earlier than usual and away, just in case. Two such adventures in two days are better left to the movies.


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