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Monday, December 26, 2005

'Snow joke

Walking down the town street after dinner, the snow falling in gusts and the street lights on, made it just the scene of winter in Maine that you would think. Only a little over an inch more as I head for bed, but it is still coming down. A quiet Boxing Day with rain this afternoon as the boys showed us around town. We found one of the artist colony type shops open and bought a few small things.

Tomorrow is a work day for all but us tourists so, depending on the depth of the snow, we will go out to see what the surrounding country has to offer. And if the weather is too bad I suspect that there is always a shopping center somewhere. Talking about energy today, it is a growing concern up here, but there is not a lot of sustainable fuel (apart from trees) apparent. And they seem quite environmentally conscious and worried about nuclear. But I am on holiday, so no sermons, sorry Bishop. (grin)


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