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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The only thing certain is change

Ah, well I think I am still tracking red footprints across the floor. Yes it has been one of those tumbril days here in our little world, and the Prince Regent has just made the trip down to the market square. Now rumor had been rife for a bit that he was, as they say, heading out, but not quite this soon. And of course, this morning, I was trying to get my own little departure organized. I guess that goes on the back burner for a little longer.

Back in July a form was not properly filled in for a student. Not my student, nor was I paying him, but the lack of the form was only discovered when the Administrator went to put him on some of our funding this month. We spent about half of yesterday and an hour this morning collectively deciding that no-one was to blame for the considerable fracture of a whole set of rules that ensued (a lie) and when, later in the day, I moved to correct another flaw the discussion had revealed (which had nothing to do with the student) the grapevine suddenly ran with the news that I had it in for the student. His advisor perhaps, but we had nothing to do with the first problem, and the student had nothing to do with the second. But accepting blame is what Administrators are for, so I will grin and go on.

The students deliver their projects on Friday and are already concerned about my definition of artistic merit - grin, it actually means that I don't want the surfaces left unfinished, but we will see what they all come up with.

In preparation for the dread day I ordered the new training for Vue the other day, and need to get back into the modelling programs since they are, at least nominally, one of the hobbies to keep me out of trouble into my dotage. It's just that I haven't even loaded the last upgrade onto a machine yet, nor one of the new programs I bought to suppliment the old. At least TOD is still generating some interest, though what with that and the new committee work it may be that modelling will have to slip into the background for another semester.

Tomorrow should be a little interesting as we see how the players move around the board and position themselves, and so to another late night to bed.


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