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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Me and my big mouth

Well we had the meeting on where we go from here today, vis-a-vis a campus energy initiative and having sat quietly through most of it, I ended up doing the usual and so am now heading up one of the task groups, with a first report due in a month.

A nasty little row about a student whose paperwork got lost seemed to take most of today, even though we have now agreed to have a meeting between interested parties tomorrow to find an answer. And it also showed that there are some downsides to writing e-mails that come back to bite you - though hopefully in this case I am more the fly on the wall, but we will see.

It was another day when in the end I shut the door to get a report finally revised, or almost, since I have a Memorial Resolution that is a more immediate matter. And here the internet proved to be a boon, since it allowed access to a fair bit of information to fill out a background that few of us here were that familiar with.

And so, again, it is midnight in Glockamorah (well there it is likely 6 am) and I am still writing - thought we weren't going to do this? But here we are in the unfolding events, and so there is only one shot at writing this down.


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