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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Lots of not much

On days like this I should print off the little calendar that the Administrator prepares for me and carry it around, since without it I am invariably going to forget something. In this case a meeting on student evaluations, just after class and a hasty trip over to a Christmas Party to ensure that I did not give offense.

Speaking of which that little affair with the missing form for the student is still going on. Must have been about a dozen memos or more today and now Hatless and the Duchess are beginning to joust though e-mails. The only sure loser now is going to be the student, and I think my hand will now get slapped since I pulled the Administrator out of the fracas and we will return to being flies on the wall.

At the Christmas Party (where they had prepared a plate for me, before it all disappeared) I finally had someone ask if the rumor of my departure was true. After three months or so I am surprised that it held up as long as it did. Must needs go visit the Dauphin and get the train moving, though I had hoped it would happen before we got into Christmas and now we have the rather odd case of the Prince Regent to add complication. (I was told by four different people today that it had happened, but there is still no form of an announcement.)

Finished the book A Brother's Price by Wen Spencer tonight, and it was one of those books it was really hard to put down. The basic premise is that fertility has changed to the point that (on this planet) woman are the large majority, and men marry into the family of sisters - one per family, with there being lots of sisters in the family that suddenly become wives. Very light-hearted and well written, so I guess I will wander the stores seeing what else I can find that she has written.

Tomorrow we will get into choosing which of the student pieces we will display - the first one that came in was easy, since the choices were glass and wood - but since the big visit coming tomorrow was cancelled due to the weather, maybe the rush won't happen until Friday.


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