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Friday, December 23, 2005

Dreaming of a White Christmas in no longer needed

Well there we were sitting having a pleasant Thai dinner to heat the inside, when we looked out and saw a fairly heavy initial fall of snow that has now steadied down into a light but continuing fall. So I am glad we got the last of the stuff for Christmas taken care of today i was a little surprised that this little corner of Maine is a bit hillier than I expected, but it is just about as crowded in the parts of towns that we have been shopping at. All should settle back down by about Wednesday of next week I should imagine.

( A quick look out suggests that it may even have stopped snowing). The joys of hot chocolate on days like this. Nothing much else of note, though while I have been checking what is going on back home I am trying to keep a non-existant input until I get to visit he who I guess should be called the Ard Ri since the earlier title did not conate the brutal efficiency of the executions to date.

So now some more family time, and some new facets to life. But the problem with hotel rooms is that there is only one place to write and sleep and the priorities just changed.

G'night all.


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