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Thursday, December 15, 2005

A continuing thought on being unknown

I see that the subject of anonymity is being discussed again. I still have not decided if I ever will unveil, since the work that I do is quite heavily related to the TOD site, and by being unknown I can more easily be honest.

It is interesting, however, that when I went to the Denver meeting some of those there knew who I was, and I did get introduced a couple of times as HO. Fortunately I had my badge turned or off, and at this meeting, at least at the present time, there was no-one there that knew me in my professional life. That may well change since I suppose that some of my work may eventually show up there and so there will be folk in the audience who know me from both sides. I did discuss this with a couple of colleagues and they both felt that there was nothing to be gained at present, and a lot to lose by coming out. And this despite (or perhaps because) I am long tenured and close to the door.

But while it does make it awkward, it also allows me to make some comments at both places that I would not make otherwise.


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