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Sunday, December 04, 2005

The beginning of an end

Since one of the objects of this site was to comment on the stages one goes through with retirement, I guess I had better start posting a tad more often. And here is the current progress.

At the beginning of the semester I had a chat with the Dauphin, who tried to suggest I wait a bit, and then that I talk it over with the Duchess (who did not seem to care one way or the other). However they asked that I wait until the new Taoiseach got settled in. Well that could take forever, and so I sent a little note on Friday saying that it was about time we did something- with the intent of getting some sort of announcement out in the next few days.

However in the general scheme of things the energy business is getting me twitchy and, as one of the "techno-nerds" it would be fun to get back and see how much of it we can play in. The problem is that if you think outside of the conventional box then you have to take a whole lot of time getting folk to understand what the box means - ah, well. And giving up this position will remove a pulpit that I could use with some fun. (I am now invited to lecture on the topic about once a month). We have a meeting on this tomorrow, and while the chances of anything happening are looking smaller and smaller, it is something that may have some impact on what happens next.

It is amazing how much change a year can make. Last year I was looking around the office and thinking about how difficult it would be to give it up. Which was, I suppose, the big indication that I was not ready. Now, it gets more frustrating almost daily having to deal with the administrivia. I suppose that part of it is seeing the train wreck of Peak Oil and Gas, that is going to derail so much, looming more imminently. It makes the running down of colleagues and departments, which I got inured to about 3 decades ago, seem more remarkably childish and non-constructive. And I suppose also that I must be conveying some of the lack of interest that end-points generate. It is hard to get enthused about an effort that will not generate much until some time after one is gone. It makes it evident that they need to get another leader in here with the dreams that I have, to a surprising measure, been able to fulfil.

And hopefully it will mean that I can also write things like this much earlier than the late hours of the night, which has become the only time often available over the last few months. On which note, let's see if I find time to post again this week?


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