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Sunday, November 20, 2005

The day is getting closer

Well in keeping with the original idea, it is time to confess that the time for a public announcement about stepping down is getting imminent. We had a party the other week, and I did mention it to a couple of friends at the end (the lubricity of lots of wine) so the story will slowly leak, but more importantly it is time to let others know so that they can plan accordingly.

There is lots of activity in our field (hence the lack of posts) and so it cannot be said I am leaving a sinking ship, especially since I plan on staying on as a faculty member for a year or three. But the increasing demand for meetings, and the paperwork they consume is now starting to cut into everything else to a greater extent than it did. Plus I think I am about done with nursing egos. Usually it has rolled off my back like a bead of water, but there have been a few cases recently that have grated a little more - or it may be that, seeing the end, I am less tolerant.

So maybe I will have another talk with the Dauphin this week, and see where it goes. Though I think I will wait for just one more decision first. Other than that we are off to see the Engineeer for Thanskgiving and hopefully the warmer weather there. Then it will be off to DC for about a week, and then we are at the end of the semester. Must needs get the remaining tasks taken care of to allow all this to happen.

Mum continues fine, though the cold weather is now keeping her indoors. Sent some flowers the other day, but the heat of the place does not allow them to survive long. The ones that went to Dalry sit in the foyer (which in Scottish houses is less well heated) and thus will last for maybe a few weeks.

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