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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Well how odd?

It is to be regretted that I haven't posted here for a bit. For those not following the other site at which we post, The Oil Drum has become something much larger than expected, and to keep up the interest has required more regular posts, that have eaten into the time that I have available.

Thus this site hasn't seen me much. But since it also serves to record me, as opposed to TOD which is all about Peak Oil, just a wee note of progress, or lack thereof. Having quietly suggested to the powers that be that this would be a good year for me to quietly return to "one's first love," it is amusing to note that I was asked by both to keep it quiet while our new leader settled in, so that moves could be worked out as to how possibly to work the situation.

So for a couple of months I have been quiet, but time is ticking away, and so if something is to happen this year it must happen soon. We have a related meeting next Monday, and so maybe at that time things may get clearer.

Other than that, Mum is now getting two glasses of sherry a day (one at lunch one at supper) and seems to be thriving on it. I wish there was a way I could get over before long, since in the winter it gets a bit more lonely for her, but it is difficult in the immediate short-term because of this little political thing, inter alia.

Oh, the title, well I wanted to check on one of my co-authors of the TOD site, and when I went to his old site, it had been taken over by another individual. Since this is the second site where this has happened, I begin to get mildly concerned.

So maybe I shall start popping up here again a little more frequently.

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