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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Operating under automatic pilot

On Tuesday after lunch, but just before my scheduled class, we left on a trip to find some money. The party included the Duchess, the Dauphin and I. We reached our hotel about 11 pm and had just got in when the remnants of Katrina blew through and took out the power. Fortunately it was before I set the clock, but it killed internet access (though the hotel emergency generator functioned as designed). So up we got at 5 am and after getting lost twice found our meeting, some hundred miles away. My role was somewhat nebulous but I managed to do the "Gloom and Doom" during the day that the rest of the world found out how bad NO was (we did not being in the meeting all day). On our way back we stopped for dinner at the same place John Major and Bill Clinton had dinner, and stared down on an empty Ohio river. The internet still did not like me, and so early bed since we were back up at 5 am today to catch the plane back. Getting lost in fog on the way to the airport was interesting, and losing two of the team in the airport even better, but finally we got back home.

Being a tad tired I did little but listen to gossip until it was time to go home. And had just got home and poured the relaxing toddy when the phone rang. The husband of a colleague had died, and she was still at work. That sort of a day - we came back for dinner here, but she still has to start to do all those detailed things, and was due to make a major presentation Tuesday. So we will work on that in the morning - after class. (The story of my class, now 16 strong) will unfold in its devious way over the next week or so.

And so, since it is at 8 am, another rearly morning before a full day. So much to say, so little time.


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