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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Technology has an immeasurable impact

So there we were. chatting via iChat with the Engineer, in full video and no longer thinking much of it. Tonight, as a side benefit of the TOD site I sat in on a lecture on exponential growth that took place in Colorado, and didn't think too much about the process (the lecture was excellent). I routinely take technical pictures, wander into my office and send them,. within minutes, to a sponsor.

Work is done in minutes that, when I first came to campus as a junior faculty member, would take me days to analyze. We take it so much for granted, and that came to me today as I looked at the profile for the incoming freshmen. Half their bands and movie/TV star folk are people I have never heard of. I suppose they are the start of the Harry Potter generation.

On campus we are starting to see the seams come apart as the budget crisis tightens, and now blame becomes the name of the game. Do I have any funds left, how can they be sequestered away (this while I sit huddled with the Administator trying to get it all committed so that there is nothing left to steal). All this in the full knowledge that we have to find a way to solve this problem,but no-one thinking to put their head on the block.

And at the end of the summer, as the sun burns down on an exhausted crew we have, finally, a beautiful experiment that, in a minute and a half, proves one of our premises for a contract. Take the photos, mail them off.

And the exercise bike comes tomorrow (it has been in town for 3 days - don't invite my opinion of our local delivery service).

In May I had a routine, at the end of the summer we have "survive the day" I cannot recall us ever being this busy, and the energy crisis has not yet even begun to bite.

Well time for the last few nights rest before I begin, too late as always, to refine the lectures for the new class,


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