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Friday, August 05, 2005

Only a few more days of rest in the summer

With the new semester only a couple of weeks away, the determination to grab a final few hours off is matched only by the ease with which folk slip into my office. Some bring good news, another little chunk of money has come our way, others bad, the experiment that would conclude a contract was ended but less than a full set of data points were recovered. Two more road trips have been tagged into the schedule, and there is "great interest" in my class this semester. (This time last year it was just about now that I discovered that the enrolment had been capped at zero, which made it difficult to get students to take it at the last minute).

Mum is definately aging and the Traveller said that almost everything is slowing down, as she also sleeps a lot more. You notice it in the phone conversations, that used to run about 40 minutes, and then 20 and now don't often last much more than 10. And her comments and interests are much reduced.

In the never-ending game of politics here, apparently Hatless is not too happy that I have taken over something that he has been happily claiming as his for the past four years. It was sort of inadvertent, but someone has to move us off dead center, and having said the wrong thing at the wrong time (or vice versa) I guess I am going to get the obligatory 15 minutes before being dragged off stage for perhaps one of the last times.

Odd thoughts begin to cross my mind, such as how can I reclaim the office I had before I moved downstairs - given that the faculty that moved into it has now really taken root.

Well the new Tsar shows up in a month, and we'll see what this new (but still aged) broom brings to the table. The rumors continue to swirl, but almost nothing yet of substance.

In the continuing investigation as to what makes the hip feel good I have discovered that 45 minutes of an easier exercise tape works better than 30 minutes of a more intense one. Also we are getting a reclining exercise bike for the anniversary this year (it is supposed to be shipped already) and so I decided to see if cycling through the news helped. Not having the new bike yet I used a rather decrepit old one from the garage and found that 20 minutes on it required 20 more minutes of walking before I was comfortable again. Well at least it's an excuse not to exercise too much for another week or so.


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