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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Here we are back again

And the semester has begun. And suddenly all those free moments that existed over summer are filled with the committee meetings that go with the beginning of the semester. And we live with the procrastination of others. We are off to make another big presentation next week, and instead of me scribbling a Powerpoint in the evening hours before hand (seemed to work well in two meetings last week), we are going to have a 3-hour meeting to discuss our presentation next Monday. Don't these folk have anything else better to do. Not to mention we leave Tuesday so the time to prepare new material is almost non-existant.

The class schedule is still taking some working out, given some conflicts, but hopefully will be taken care of tomorrow. And lo, already this semester, the executed head of a Dept Head has rolled down the hall. And the new Tsar does not appear until next week. I am looking at three proposals that I was supposed to write in the past week, and realizing that the two days set aside for a final report draft included today and tomorrow where all my time has been consumed in meetings and such. Looks as though the weekend has been booked.

It was interesting today to give a presentation on Peak Oil to a group that included some of the upper echelons of the campus. One got the feeling that they thought this was just a ploy for us to get more money, despite the facts facing them from the gas stations around campus. I suspect I will see some form of rebuttal from a couple of colleagues afore long.

The Conference ended well, I caught our hospitalized colleague back in the hall, and snatching a snort from a bottle in his bag during lunch - but other than that he was well behaved and left early. I think I got invited to lecture in China, the question is do I really want to go. (One does not say No! one just obfusticates until it becomes clear that one is not going - so I have to decide whether I want to - since, again, they are willing to pay).

One of the side benefits of helping write TOD is that I am buying and reading a fair number of books on the subject - pity that most of them really don't contain much new information, just the same stuff repackaged. I am also getting a bit grumpy tonight since I just got The Lost Songs of a Rhineland Harper by Sequentia, and it is more song than harp, and only a couple of the tracks are likely to be played again.

I wonder if they were telling me something when the new security system locked me out, and had completely scrambled my codes, and only my codes while I was away. Wonder how long before I can get back into a routine, which now must, perforce, include the stationary bike and other exercises to keep my day largely discomfort free. Lots of wonders, no free time, yep the semester is here again.


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