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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Two down, one to go

Well I have the new Hogwarts Chronicle, but bought it at 11 am, instead of queueing with those that bought 185 copies at our local bookstore last Saturday early am. I re-read the 4th and 5th books first, in order to catch up with things and have now just started into the new volume. So far, so good!

It keeps me amused during times where things are getting complicated again. There is this problem, for which I need some help. Ask for said help, via the Administrator, and she gets told I am the resident authority. Try again with an e-mail. Get told that this is far too complicated for the recipient, what I need is some help. Finally track down a source of possible help (and thus have a meeeting tomorrow). The comment so far is that this is a complex problem for which help might be needed. Grrrr!!!

We are sufficiently short handed at this point in the summer - with students and staff trotting off on vacations - that it is a continuous effort to ensure that all projects have enough people to keep going. It means also that I get raw data at 5 pm that has to be translated into recommendations for new tests by 9 am tomorrow (the answer is now stuck on the outside of my office door).

We are going to get a "free" demonstration of a new biometric lock to compare with one we installed some months ago (and which has worked fine to date). Free, however, means about a day of work drilling holes and running cable, and - when we are finished - if we don't like this new lock enough to pay for it after a couple of months . . . .

When I called Mum on Sunday she was in bed, and each time by the time she had got out , the phone had transferred and I had rung off. This went on at 10 minute intervals for an hour before the lady bringing her supper picked up the phone and we could talk. She had been sitting in the sun all day (first time she could all summer) and had a little sun stroke - it getting all the way up to 80 degrees.

I still need to walk about 5 minutes in 45 to keep the joints from stiffening up, but am making progress towards getting better - the pains are turning into familiar ones that have been treated before, but that interval is just long enough to write a post such as this.

And so back to a stroll around the credenza and more pages from the real wizard (i.e. J.K. herself).


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