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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Summer is a vacation - right !

So there I was at the end of last week, thinking that I would spend the weekend scanning through the 50 papers from which I have to pick the "Best Paper", and chairing the committee means I really can't duck it. And lo there is this e-mail saying, "where is your presentation for Houston - it was due last Wednesday".

So pull out some related presentations, clog them all together in Powerpoint and discover I have to cut 260 slides down to 60. Just get this started when the Specialist comes in. "You are working on the Presentation for next Tuesday aren't you", he says, as he heads out for a quiet weekend. I say a naughty word 'cos I had forgotten that one too. Pull another 200 odd project slides into a file, and head off home.

It took the weekend to do the first one, (it is a review paper), which meant that I came in Monday with, as I thought, the morning to trim down the second one. No such luck! As I wander across the parking lot, there is the sponsor waving from his car. The dear soul was supposed to have arrived at lunch. I do believe I was less than polite.

So after the usual chat I manage to ease away long enough to get that almost done before he returns. And after running through it with him, the day is over.

Today was the big presentation before the assembled wheels, and it started at 8:30. For political reasons I pulled in the Duchess for the welcome, rather than the Dauphin, and after a tentative beginning (I was not sure she knew what we were talking about) she turned out to be really helpful. Must send a small token her way tomorrow. And that meeting went on all day today and finishes at lunch tomorrow. (They are returning because the demo we ran did not completely work for weather related reasons, the first time that has happened in a fairly long time).

Which is a bit of a pain, since the Canadian data is not fully compiled and they want a progress report tomorrow, I have two other presentations to prepare for next month and yes, there is still that CD with 50 papers on it sitting, hidden, within the bowels of this laptop.

In the midst of this I went to show a short video of some of the work, and remembered that the last copy went off to India last week, so that one of the grad's could show his folk what he is doing - and iDVD has been upgraded. So my attempt to slip away for 5 minutes to start another copy burning didn't work, since I kept missing out a newly required step that wasn't in the old version - grrrr!

Yep it's been a lovely weekend ! And sadly, when I called Mum on Sunday, she mentioned that the nursing staff were wondering why she had not told us that she was ill. Hmmm! Fortunately the Traveller is almost recovered from getting a new hip, and should be able to go up there this coming weekend, but one does wonder. It sounds a lot worse than the sunstroke she was telling us it that it was last weekend.


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