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Monday, July 11, 2005

Step one has been taken

Well today was one of those that was meant to be devoted to data analysis, but wasn't. A little problem with a faculty member who seems to think that the whole object of my existance is to ensure an adequate salary for said person during the year and summer, but with no oversight over what said person does in any other way led to a meeting with my immediate boss. After the discussion on said individual I just casually mentioned that it was about time to hang up my socks.

And this was more of a block buster than I had expected. Since there is no obvious successor, and I turned down the invitation to stay for a couple of more years, strategies have to be evolved, and so I was asked to keep this secret for a while (so now me, that individual and you all are the only ones that know). Tomorrow I go talk to the next person along the line - using the recalcitrant faculty member as an excuse, and we will see where this all pans out.

Back wise the pain is a little easier after the chiropractor and I could move somewhat more freely - the telling time will be tonight, since it might be that I may be able to get a little sleep.

Which would help with trying to get the building secure. They installed the new card readers on Friday. But the campus security and janitors did not have access rights. And no-one thought that our back door was not card protected, but still opened with their door key. Nor did some of the faculty who came in at inopportune times, and one of the grad students thought it an insult that we would suggest that he use the back door. So there was little to no constructive work done today, and we were out to dinner tonight.


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