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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

A somewhat better day

Well I dropped by the second and more nominal of my bosses today to mention the passing of the torch. Much more of a ho-hum response, which I had expected in both cases but only got here. So there will be a meeting tomorrow. Interestingly one of them thought I should be there (the actual boss) while the other did not - so we will see what happens. I am not volunteering to show up. I left it to them to decide when I should write the formal letter - we will see how long it takes for the news to percolate out. It may be a while, depending on how the new Administration develops (rumors at present include one that the new Tsar has asked for a guillotine to be set up in the square but so far that is only a rumor).

And as it turns out I was wrong and was invited to the Panel, though this may now change. Suddenly we are again being buried in requests for proposals, which is more awkward now since I will likely not be as involved in either getting or running them, but still it is hard not to respond. May take a while to overcome that problem.

Our fork lift broke today and so we had to revert to some primitive methods for moving things around, Stonehenge man would have been proud. And all the doors now function with the card swipe system, so all that is left is to clear up the mess that was left.

Now if I can survive until going back to the bone cracker on Thursday - may need some of that medicine again!!


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