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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Signs that it is time

Yep it's a Saturday afternoon in vacation time, and where am I, but in the office writing two monthly reports and setting up a data analysis program for one of the projects. We are still busier than ever, but politics is beginning to seep, even into summer.

As you may recall we are about to anoint a new Tsar, and the current Prince Regent is thus trying to get the ship in reasonable shape before tha August arrival. This means (other than giving the Residence a major overhaul) getting some new initiatives on the road, as well as straightening up the finances.

And so there are machinations under way to get on the Panels that will be in place when the Coronation occurs (this gets you into the seat of power as it is recreated). In some amusement I heard that one of these initiatives follows an idea that I proposed (you get no prizes for guessing the area). However it might be interesting to take a bet on whether I get asked to be on the Panel. Since the members are, in part, going to be selected by the Duchess, I think (and I told my source this) my baggage is too heavy. But we will see.

Anyway it is, I suspect, about time that I started dropping heavier hints about retirement. Folk are still saying that I will be here until I croak, but ribbit ribbit there was also the recent study that says that those who retire earlier live longer. And so I have a meeting on Monday where I guess I should bring this up. But when to tell the staff, and the Administrator ?

No peace for the wicked, and I suspect that I have dodged work long enough for today.


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