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Thursday, July 07, 2005

How is the water?

I began this about a year ago , thinking that it would be interesting to document the thought process that leads to retirement, as much as anything else. Along the way I found that there aren't that many folk out there that talk about the Administrations point of view, and so I stuck a little of that in there, plus some other things, and it has been an interesting experience, leading to the totally unexpected success of the Oil Drum.

But now it is time to revisit the original reason. Back then a couple of thoughts in The Chronicle seriously impacted my anticipated submission of "notice" to use the old English term. And suddenly we became rather surprisingly busy, as we still are.

But a year has passed. At a recent conference I was one of the few "Old Guard" and I realize that we need to undertake a major initiative to get us on the front line of the coming Energy Effort. But I do not plan to be here for all of that, so it is better that they bring a new person in to build that effort, rather than change horses as it starts to build, and thus lose momentum.

Plus, it must be said, the climate has changed. Too often now I am running into faculty who, though paid to spend part of their time on research, demand excessive reward for what, for 37 years I considered part of the job the State was paying me to do.

So now, as then, I debate when I should turn in the letter, or even if I should write one. Perhaps I will bring it up next Tuesday. It is an irrevocable farewell, but somehow not nearly as hard a one to face as last year. (Maybe I should blame Prof G and Ianqui for that? - grin)


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