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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Cruising the credenza

The stiffness in my hip results in a five minute walk around a wall in our house at frequent intervals. I have used it to get part of the way through the new Harry, and tonight it had another use.

Wandering around and thinking about all the data that is slowly falling into graphs,and then into pictorial representations, i suddenly had one of them thunks. (A thunk is when you look at something from a different angle and suddenly realize something that should have been blindingly obvious about 2 weeks ago). And gee I haven't had one of those in about a year. So tomorrow we will go and see if we can make something work a bit better than it has before. Heeee!

Speaking of which we are now debating security issues - such as do you need a record if you thumb-lock a door? We are beginning to think that the one place we put one in without a recording system was a mistake. (Too often we go in and find a student in there who was let in by someone else). So tomorrow we debate a change.

And it begins to look as though August is going to mark travelling month since there are three trips on the calendar already.

And my "help" on the problem I discussed the other day took most of the hour of hour appointment to get through the first two paragraphs of the background I had sent and the remaining two pages (where it got complicated) was brushed off as just needing more time. (I think I knew that, and am not holding my breath).


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