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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Back to England by phone alone

Called Mum today and the weather in the North of England is very cold. She is suffering from cabin fever, since the Traveller can't get up to see her for another 7 weeks while his hip gets better. Her knee is also acting up, but apart from an occasional additional pill (on top of the 8) not much else is being done for it to date.

In the last week we have had two sets of visitors, we had a day where the staff were all committed to a University function, and three of the faculty were out of pocket on Friday. So how much work did we get done on the various projects - virtually none. It does get very frustrating, given the amount of work that we are committed to, and that it is largely up to faculty to run the projects, to see how far behind they seem to be content to let the work get.

After the visit to the Chiropractor on Wednesday I was out of pain for the first time in a couple of weeks, but in the chaos of all the meetings, forgot to get the appointment confirmed for Friday early enough and so lost it. I will not be able to go until Monday. Which is a bit sad since I think I am slipping back a bit.

ProfG has commented on how busy The Oil Drum has been keeping us, and our growing respect for those who are more prolific writers. Believe me that is echoed here, and magnified. Though it is proving interesting and rewarding to date.

And Bujold definately had the better of the book list cited. Now it is time for the duo by Alma Alexander The Hidden Queen and Changer of Days to see if they compete.


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