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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Why our image has problems

Some years ago I joined one of our local civic service organizations. We meet, for some obscure reason, at 7 am, and next week the head of our IT division is scheduled to talk. I was mildly surprised to be asked, by the guy who runs the speakers, to bring a projector to be used with a laptop, to the meeting. And I would have done, except I will be out of town. We did call over to the IT Dept and found that they had two and so thought the matter closed.

Today we were selling brats as a fundraiser and I heard the rest of the story. Apparently (and this is not a University organization I am in, so the teller was somewhat bemused by this) when the word was carried back to our Lord Electron he admitted that his dept could supply the machine, and arranged for a secretary to come in early that morning to get and bring a projector over to our meeting (which is some way from campus) for him to use. I would suspect that this story will get some mileage around town, and none of it to our benefit.

I am flying out tomorrow, and have been scheduled to make (so I gather) the critical money pitch on Monday. For some reason we are supposed to make up our remarks in the fifteen minutes between being told what we need to ask for, and the meeting itself. It would be nice to have both more guidance and time, and these are never meetings I am comfortable with, though in this case we now know each other quite well.

The sudden success of the other blog is somewhat surprising, but also frustrating a little in that it is likely, given some of the comments made and yet to come, that it is better to remain anonymous. It is frustrating since I cannot turn to someone and comment on the success, and the various comments. And so I console myself by re-reading "If", which hangs on the wall.


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