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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Stubborn old ferret

There are some situations that can only be solved by steadily working forward, fixing each problem as it arises, and moving incrementally on. And so, by this very slow progress, today we got two of the projects back up and running. One of the frustrations is that one needs to let the grad students learn by doing the fixing. So you smile, wander out of the room, and go and hit the wall somewhere unseen. But we are, just about there.

Which is good because the new Admin meeting we are all to go to with the Prince Regent ran well over time (a common event) but did stop when he stopped talking. It was all about the budget, and in the end all we learned was a further justification for the model that will be used to allocate resources.

One wonders, after these meetings, how the impact of Peak Oil will change priorities and discussions. At present the major focus of national funding lies in other areas, and there is little indication (outside of rising numbers of students) of the situation that the various Academic Administrations can take note of, let alone react to.

On my way out of the Admin meeting, I talked to our Distance Ed guy, who asked when I was retiring - good question (he is I think about 4 years older than I). I meant to tell him that I was delivering my class documents (17 CD's) to the teaching department office, so that they wouldn't need me around to give it any longer. I did each lecture as "sound on slide" Powerpoints and broke each lecture into about 15 minute bits. This seemed to go over well with the clientele, at least according to the comments they sent to me.

Summer is the time to think of other things. Be it noted that having recently uploaded the new version of Strata, when I went to open it today after installing Tiger, the program appeared to have vanished. But a quick trip to the Strata web page got me a fix, that brought it back to life. Now if only I could find the fix to find my hard drives . . . . .


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