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Monday, May 02, 2005

Only grading remains

Well the last class CD's have been burned and mailed. The final plea for more time to get the homework in has been listened to. The final lecture will be posted in the morning, and all that remains is to collect the final and grade - we're almost done.

But in the meanwhile, back at the ranch, as they say, we have visitors in the morning to see one of the projects, and at 4 pm we were still some distance from having a good presentation to give. The work for Canada is also still an "almost there" with the additional snag that one of the critical pieces of the work does not have the strength that we had anticipated in meeting the goal. Tsk! And they asked if we could undertake more work in a phone call this morning.

Just for a change I was taken to lunch, I can't decide if it was to break the news that our work for the folks in Ohio is over, or just that we need to do more PR on that effort. (Being a little nervous about the decision I talked way to much instead of listening, as I should have).

The presentation that was so hastily put together on Friday apparently passed muster, and will appear on the program, which means that I will be heading west at the weekend. And that only leaves the presentation for the end of the summer, which paper, as I discovered today, was due a little time ago. While the paper is written getting the permission to give it has not yet come through.

And tomorrow, when I should be entertaining our visitors, instead I get to sit in another meeting deciding on how to address the budget problems, which seem to have got about 50% worse in the last ten days. A cut is likely inevitable, though it is hard to see where this could now come from without laying people off, and with a staff that has been around for an average of over 20-years that would be very tough.

What we need is more enthusiasm. Yes, right, what a good idea. Wake me when somebody finds some.


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