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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

One more round

Yesterday's gloom was a little early, today I got to see the proposal rankings and we made 7th out of 42, and so have a little more money (they funded 10). So I dutifully attended all the sessions, twitched when I discovered that though paying for wireless it did not cover the conference rooms so my sneaky plan to sit at the back and blog did not work.

I think my sense of gloom is a general one, this is the world meeting on this particular topic and the attendence this year was apathetic. There are some fierce political wars going on relating to this particular issue (which you would at first sight have thought would be totally apolitical). The result is that probably two-thirds of those here are manning display booths (including ourselves) and the other third are probably only here because the competition are.

Still after tonight's reception (where, in contrast to last night, the booze was free) we decided to go down and check out the casino. Unfortunately one of the booth folk had mentioned that the dollar slots gave better odds. So four of us upped twenty bucks each on a what the hell. As the last to go I pulled the old handle and suddenly had $50. And as I walked away I dropped 3 of the dollars in the next machine. Now we were ahead $150. So I offered to divvy up the money - "no, no!" they cried, "we must have more." Ten minutes later it was all gone.

So I wandered back to blackjack, sat down and played with $50 for two hours, had three free drinks, tipped the dealers $10 and came away with my stake. (Actually plus $2.50).

Interesting to note, we had three dealers, the first two were male, mildly amusing, got loads of tips, the third was female, spent more time trying to help some of us who were shall we say alcohol challenged, and got more abuse than I would have taken. Oh, and after I had been winning for a while, a quite nice lady happened to sit next to me. I was relatively flattered but shortly thereafter came up here to blog (honest!).


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