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Monday, May 23, 2005

I am not supposed to write this sitting down

No, I haven't been caned again. Been close to 50 years since that last happened (once for stealing the Headmaster's strawberries - ah! the folly of youth). No I did something to the muscles of my back a week ago, didn't do anything about it, and then tried exercising again on Saturday. Most of the time since has been spent lying on my back, side, other side, back etc etc trying to get comfortable.

Today it was bad enough that I went to the Chiropractor and will again for three more days. It will get better. In the meantime I have finished two books on the Merchant Princes by Charles Stross (The Family Trade and The Hidden Family). I presume there will be more before long and I will be getting them.

There is also a new Modesitt out in the Corean Chronicles Series, so I have had to re-read Legacies, and Darknesses, before moving on to Scepters and the new one, Alector's Choice. If I could only sit and read it would be good. (I might even then finish Kunstler's book (The Long Emergency) it reads a lot better than Posner's new one on Saudi Arabia, which I found in the end read too much like a catalog).

Well the back has stopped me going to a big meeting on the Ohio project tomorrow, and may keep me out, though I am hoping to get and help get the Canadian project finished. We would be there except for a couple of things not working.

I need to get the back fixed since we have to drive some 500 miles to a wedding this weekend. 'Twas ever thus. Well off to find the medication and, as they say, so to bed.


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