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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

An emotional night was had by all

Tonight was the School Choral farewell concert, and with the handing out of roses at the end to those graduating, there was the usual odd emotional conflict over this mark of the rite of passage. The roses were red this year, but it seems to me that they used to be white.

The day otherwise remained one of frustration, yesterday there were personnel issues, and trying to keep four different projects going with broken equipment or software problems associated with all of them. Today did not move us much forward, but in all cases we are so almost there it is almost taste-able.

I am supposed to be giving a talk to our local service club next week on the Peak Oil issue, and so trying to decide how to convey the coming problem in 20 minutes to folk who have no clue what is coming down the pike and keep it interesting. At the same time I have started reading Kunstler's "The Long Emergency" - he writes well but I think is radically overdramatizing. But I suppose he almost has to if he is to get some attention.

Some time in the next couple of weeks we can hope that the pressure of the semester will quietly dissipate and we can settle into the quiet round of summer. Why is it that I have these goose-bumps that suggest it might not happen ?

I am also thinking more and more of moving out of "the Big Office" next year and retiring back into "my first love of teaching and research" and while that is true, I suspect that it will be met with the usual incredulity. But we shall see.


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