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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Don't argue with a machine

Well yesterday I finally got to one of the last two classes of the semester, added the sound and twiddly bits (which means I also have to cut it into fragments so that it will download at the far end in less than 2 days). Only one more to do, get posted, and get the disks mailed and we are just about there. And, like most, I am about ready to see the semester over.

We drove to another city for a music event last evening, and were tied up with the rehearsal last night and then this morning the whole thing went, I thought quite well. (Though I am the tone-deaf one). Apart, that is, from it being colder than expected and a whole lot windier. It was in the City where the Advocate spent some years and so we drove around looking at some old haunts. In six years it has changed a lot, with the bit we saw becoming much more modernized and gentrified. Even the river is getting a major clean-up.

Coming and going we used the Magellan - I drove up,and the Actress drove back this afternoon. So here we are, in the middle of the city and I was not sure that the GPS had actually found us, and so kept trying to suggest turns. Sometimes it is actually quite smart to keep one's mouth shut, especially when you're wrong. But it really . . .well never mind.

Talked to Mum yesterday, and the Traveller had just been up to visit. He is in quite severe pain, and goes to have a new hip put in a week tomorrow. he is paying for it privately (though whether that is him, or the insurance that he had from the company when he traveled I am not sure). While Mum's cost was about five thousand pounds, then about $7,500 his is now going to be over eight thousand pounds, which is going to translate into closer to $15,000.


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