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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Do I hear a female voice warming up in the wings?

Hmm! The deal was that I would be contacted today to go and chat with the person that holds the money relative to one of our contracts, in the hope of getting more.

So I waited, and waited, and eventually went for a walk around the building, which is a lot colder than it has been here before (except when we came in the winter) with a blizzard blocking the Interstate nearby. Then I had a burger which was about a third of the cost of those in the casino.

And then I came back and blogged some more. Very relaxing, though one does wonder what happened with the arranged meeting. Well it is time to put the smile on the face and head down for the Reception. First one must,however, prepare.

I just wish I could remember the names of all the people that I haven't seen since this time last year, and then for only a few minutes. Are we ready Smile . .two three . . .Smile . . .two three

And since there was a problem with blogger we can add the results of the Reception. Firstly the DVD acted up in the player, since I could get it to run fine on the computer we are not sure if the player was damaged in shipping or not. So we need to check in the morning since I can burn another DVD on this laptop if that is what is needed (at least I think I can) but on the other hand we may need to find somewhere to get a new DVD player.

The other problem was that in talking to our sponsors there was that faint air of chill that suggests that we have become yesterday's child. It is not clear since, as with many organizations there are a lot of internal politics going on, but our chance here is apparently not doing well, and we must arrange a different route to moving forward. (It would be nice for my ego to suggest that they are finally accepting that the path forward may be in the direction we suggested a couple of years ago, but that may be too late to save the whole program).

Well we will just have to wander around and be polite for another couple of days and see if we can't learn more. I did note the competition making a heavy pitch in a moment or fifteen.


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