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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Books and Mum

Well while doing the cool-down from an aerobic exercise tape yesterday I did in the dodgy back. So now the blogging will be interspersed with the typical male self-pity until such time as I can get up the energy to go to the Chiropractor. In the meanwhile I have only one more set of grading to get done and its finished for this semester.

And while being very driven to do this, I could not help but notice that the books in the front room have magically separated into fiction and non-fiction, and that some should be put away as being read. So for no good reason here are the piles:

Non Fiction
Rifles and Ammunition by H. Ommundsen and E Robinson (borrowed because it describes the rifles of WW1 that I want to model - Ommundsen was killed in Flanders in 1915)
Forgotten Tragedy - the sinking of HMT Rohna by C. Jackson (the Actress's Dad was on it)
I Thought my Father was God by P Auster (Gift from a Public Radio station)
Liturgia Luterana - self evident
Meesterprenten Images de Maitre - notes on a lithograph exhibition in Belgium
Worse than Watergate - J. Dean (left over gift from the election - disappointing)
Battlefields of Britain - D. Smurthwaite - to be used in modelling later (needs to be put away).
The Stone Carvers - Hunt (The story of the carvers at the Washington Cathedral - I also got the video)
The First World War - H Strachan (bought for the color pictures so that I can get the models right)
The Dick Cheney Code by H Beard (a gift I still need to read)
The End of Oil - P Roberts (fairly well written but with an obvious axe to grind)

I was going to go on to list the fiction but the last title fills me with guilt and so I shall return to grading.

Mum was a little blurred in her speech today, but the Traveller had his hip operation on Monday, was released Friday and did a little walking yesterday. And so the world turns.


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