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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Back in shape

On the second visit to the Chiropractor today he continued to have me walk and try and bend and then, after the electronic stimulation, this time he could get my back to move. It feels much better, though the muscles are still complaining bitterly and sitting is still a bit of a pain. Tomorrow is off and then I go again on Thursday morning.

Talked to the folk in Indiana today and we now have that contract extension in hand. This led to a note from Hatless making all sorts of nice sounds and suggesting that I not consider retirement yet. But somehow it feels more right this year that I at least step down from the Administrative bit. The art committee are going to walk our building and look at the art in it next week, most of it is mine I suppose, and the question becomes what do you do with the paintings, sculptures etc that have gathered in my office and then migrated out and beyond. I suppose I need to start thinking about that.

And data is collecting on the work for Canada. But I suspect that my absence at the meeting on the Ohio project today will not be good. I need to get over there in the next couple of weeks.

Speaking of over there and noting that profgrrrrl is heading out to Asia. Lo, in the e-mail today came an invite that I go visit some folk over in India. I made sort of half-interested noises and we will see what transpires. Also the CD came for the case of wine work, and I got a note that they need my paper for publication before the end of the week. And Grad student pointedly reminded me he had just sent me another first draft of a paper to review.

What was that about summer being a quieter period?


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