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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

And his latest isn't that good either . . . .

What a day. As I said as I walked into the budget meeting this morning "When your day goes downhill from when the cat is sick all over the White carpet first thing in the morning, what can you do?" And it did!

After cleaning up after the cat, and dropping by the office on the way to the meeting, I heard that the repair part sent for the toy was the wrong one, and that the project for which the visitors were here was not ready for presentation. Then one of the team going to the Conference came in and we agreed the work on another contract was so far behind that he should not go to the meeting, but work here. And it is all non-refundable.

So I went to the meeting and despite having an agreed approach before the meeting, in essence it all collapsed into chaos. Whatever the Dauphin and the Prince Regent have discussed made most of our efforts to get this onto an even track just a complete waste of time. And this when, for once, we were almost all there.

And so I came back to the office, to find that the grad student responsible had not been sending in the information he should have been on another contract, and that, not surprisingly the putative recipients were more than mildly irritated. And the visitors were here, and already part-way through their first presentation.

To cut a long day short the first trials did not work, the second ones lost the data, but the final one (about the time we were ready to give up) worked actually better than had been hoped. And so we may still be alive on this one.

Then a quick check on the one that my colleague will be staying to fix, and it is worse than ever. So I will quietly meander over to the bar in about 3/4 of an hour and have dinner with our surviving visitors, and hope that the morning will bring a better day.

Oh, and I tried to download the newly ordered Bryce 5.5 and they had declined the credit card.

On the other hand, as I blog this, I am uploading the last lecture of the semester to blackboard (in all its four parts and 400 meg) and when it is done, all I have to deal with is the final, and the last homework. It is done - whoopee!!

Oh, and the title of the post - Orson Scott Card just reviewed the demise of the Star Trek franchise. As someone who watched those things regularly every week when I first came to America, the whole review climbed up my nose, and I didn't really care for "Shadow of the Giant" that much either.

So now I will cheer up, paste on my party face, and go have dinner!


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