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Sunday, April 03, 2005

A Winter of Cheating?

Back last summer I had a nice little exercise routine going in which I did a couple of cardio tapes and a couple of weight tapes each week. It seemed to keep me in reasonable shape, but then I started travelling, and then there were more meetings early in the day (and lots of similar excuses). So I dropped back to the 30-minute exercise tape that I used to use only when I had been away for a while as a break-in back to the routine.

Thus all winter instead of doing the 45-min and 50-min tapes I have been doing the shorter, easier (Crunch Turbo Sculpt) one. Today it was time to get back into a better habit, and so I went back to the 45-min Firm (Maximum Body Shaping) tape. Not for the body shaping - I am doomed to pear I suspect - but it does give a better workout and 15 more minutes should be doable. Of course I make the change just before I go on travel.

Which means I absolutely must do the taxes today, beautiful though it is. But first the call to England . . . .which went well. Mum was delighted to hear I would be there on Friday (though I have told her this for the last two Sundays). The Traveller was there yesterday and took her out for lunch, and to see the displays of daffodils in the surrounding villages. I will probably do the same. The display outside our window here is a suggestion that next year I plant more outside the front as well as the back of the house.


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