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Friday, April 01, 2005

Ups and Downs

The meeting in Oklahoma seemed to go quite well, though the key presenter for our team had to cry off since he was too ill to get out of bed. My little bit seemed to go over well, and we did present the "problem solved" slide, though I spent more time explaining why we could not tell how we did it, because of patent issues, than I probably should.

And so in a mild state of euphoria I travelled back, the mood was downed a little by finding my car with the back window down, since the cables (it turns out) had become tangled (a mere $330 I am assured). And then I made the mistake of checking e-mail one last time. None of the 3 White Papers sent to Ohio had survived the cut. Rabbits !

So it ended as a bit of a dismal night. Then I came in this morning for a meeting on another proposal and found that IT had "delivered and installed" my new iMac by setting the box beside my desk. Someone said that I looked as though the world had just settled on my shoulders. No it was just the futility of relying on parts of the infrastructure for help, and the realization that we are, if anything, too busy since we can't put enough time into some of the efforts to make them work. And yet, with lots of possible funding, we can't afford to neglect any avenue that might keep everyone well fed next year.

So I, discouraged, spent the day moving stuff from one computer to another, reloading programs, chasing down procedures and passwords to transfer some obscure files, etc etc. Now I have to tidy all the mess revealed by moving to this smaller footprint machine (even though it's the 20-inch monitor).

Time for a night off - methinks!


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