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Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Not all of life is pleasant. As a team, some of my research staff and I have worked together for a very long time. But after watching one of the team work for the third day on something today, I suggested that perhaps we had better bring in the graduate student to finish it. The suggestion was not taken well, but reflects, sadly, that loads are going to have to be redistributed and I will need to monitor that situation a lot more closely. We are getting older, and our capabilities change.

I sent the memo last night. It spelled out in some detail some of the negative impacts on productive faculty when negative decisions are made by the Administration. While it would be interesting to have a reaction, given the current state of things it may well just quietly sink into the water, like a well cast stone, without a ripple. Except that this was not the intent. On the other hand I may wander into a meeting next week and be given my head on a plate, we will have to see.

Three people have asked if I am attending the retirement counseling session tomorrow, and a couple of other casual acquaintances across campus have also asked if I am going. I must be showing my age more this week.

Having closed down the tape transfer for the summer I was planning on getting into modelling the 2nd Battle of Ypres, using the four programs Strata, Poser, Vue and Bryce to develop bits and views. I even bought the new book (which one week later Poser is giving away if you buy the program - rats!). But so far I have managed barely Chapter 1. The calendar is already filling up for the next month and then we start travelling for a bit. maybe if I retire I could do that?

Ah, well dream time is over, its back to grading, and planning a conference session, and doing a bit more of the "managing by walking around" that seems to be my main function these days, just to keep things close to being on schedule.


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