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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Strop! Strop!

While I did not notice any Pink Hair at our social event this evening, and, without such witnesses, could thus pretend to be sober, there was the occasional use of the appropriate social lubricant to get one through this evening. It was the second consecutive night in the start of the social season that winds up our semester, and year. And so I sit, contemplating a little administrative seppuku.

We, in common with many other places are being hit with more budget cuts. Very often when these things happen we pretend that we can cope and find a way of being as productive as we were before but with less resource. Except that sometimes we don't. And this is very rarely documented. So I thought I would.

It is somewhat dangerous ground to tread. and a simple example at the low end of the scale might explain why. Some time ago I got a campus parking ticket, it infuriated me for a variety of reasons and kept me mad for about 3 days. During that time the deadline for submission of a proposal came, and went. The proposal was drafted and we had a reasonable chance of getting the award. The proposal was not submitted.

Over the course of my career and for a number of reasons, largely morale related, I have not submitted, or not fought hard to get, a number of awards. The potential loss of income and opportunity for growth has, in some cases, been significant.

If I say nothing then my career will likely soon end in any event, but if I confess to this attitude it may be slightly accelerated. Why do it? Because the hard financial costs of neglecting faculty morale, often in trivial ways, are rarely shown to be significant in actual financial cost. This might give some numbers. On the other hand it seems remarkably childish to say "you gave me a parking ticket and it cost you $x,000, Nyah, Nyah! Nyah!"

So I will think on this some more, but I have now been thinking about this for two days and am still inclined to write the memo. (And I think I may now have that nightcap that might really move this into drunken blogging -Grin - and so I will return to silent contemplation).


At 10:47 PM, Blogger ~profgrrrrl~ said...

Ah, you're stuck in the semester's end social season too? Maybe you should get yourself some pink hair. It makes the events more interesting. People don't talk shop as much.

Interesting post. Something to think about. Enjoy that nightcap!


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