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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The second day back

This is generally my lowest day, when the loss of sleep and time-sense wreaks the most havoc. Today that was over-ridden by an almost frenetic level of activity, just trying to stay in one place. First half-way through the Admin meeting I was called out, to be reminded that in my absence someone had promised I would give a tour directly after the meeting, which meant I could not stay to finish the raging debate about where we were going to cut our budgets.

Then after getting back to the office we were blessed by a visit from a company that we are trying to get into a research partnership, so there went another couple of hours. Straight after that was the need to get a presentation together for some wheels we will be meeting with all tomorrow (though I won't give the talk - sigh!). Then a quick read of a student paper before a meeting on that, and where it needed to go. These were all interspersed with urgent talks about a piece of equipment that has broken at the worst possible time, it seemed to be fixed by the end of the day, but as I left it failed again.

We get another VIP visit on Friday, and the net result of all this is that we are making zero, nada, nothing in the way of getting two research efforts finished. In fact most of today things seemed to drift backwards.

Tomorrow is completely out, which means that the only time I have to really work on anything will be Thursday, and I am not sure yet whether I need to be in on meetings then.

It was interesting at this morning's meeting we were discussing how to keep our most productive researchers motivated, and to extend that energy down a level. Given that I have previously made many of the mistakes that the Dauphin is currently apparently making I tried to suggest another approach. Unfortunately I suspect that it will not be until the Prince Regent cuts him off at the knees that he will realize that arguments about theoretical outcomes rarely are effective when money is needed, and you have the only sizeable remaining pot.


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