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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Not so foggy now

The movie on the way over was "Sherlock Holmes and the Silk Stocking" which kept me awake too long for a decent sleep. The plot involves, in part, London being a foggy town in Dicken's time. But it, and the North of England were still foggy in my time. And it wasn't the mild benevolent type of fog seen in the movie. I can remember walking to college through a park, and holding my hand up in front of my face - just to say I couldn't see it, and I couldn't. Those were the days of the incredible Smogs that lasted days and were almost impossible to get through (and which killed many people).

And then, after a quick change in London, on up to Newcastle, where the land of my birth made me welcome by snowing. It melted fairly quickly and by the time I had dropped off the cases, and gone to see Mum it had all melted. She had got the dates wrong and had been dressed and waiting for me to show up from before lunch, which she had not had. But I got there after dinner and they had just given her a very large curry, so I was partly forgiven. I'm afraid in future I must also send a message to the staff so that everyone knows the plan.

We went out the next day for lunch, again bitterly cold and the restaurant was up on the edge of the moors so while the view was pleasant, we decided, instead of driving around for the afternoon we would go back to her room. This could also have been driven by the fact that she had taken a certain pill that morning which made long travel times embarassing.

So we went back, just in time for the Royal Blessing - I thought the Russian diva sang a wonder Credo, and must see if it can be found on a CD. Then we watched the Grand National, since Mum had a horse, though sadly it finished something like 17th (but, given that 19 out of 40, didn't there was some measure of rejoinder).

And so back to the Holiday Inn where, despite all the commercials in the US, there was only dial-up, a too costly choice, and so the search continued for a new hotel.


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