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Monday, April 18, 2005

Not a happy welcome

Ah, me! Yesterday was not one of the better days. I had looked at my ticket and read the wrong line, so that when the flight actually left London at 8 am I had read it as four hours later. Thus I was still at breakfast when, checking to make sure we had plenty of time to get to the airport, I suddenly found I had missed my flight.

Things ultimately worked out, though I did not sleep on the plane, and ended up not getting home until around 10 pm, rather the worse for wear.

As a result today was supposed to be relatively quiet. Except that I had forgotten we had agreed to give an external group access to the lab this week, and so I had to pay the gracious host for an hour or so this morning. Then some of the work done while I was gone was not acceptable, and it was easier to go down and redo part of it myself as a way of motivating folk to get it right. Then we had to correct the computer restrictions on my class for next semester which was again telling folk it was full before it was. Fortunately this year, embittered by my experience last summer, I noticed the problem early and hopefully got it fixed.

In the greater scheme of things I am again trying to stay awake until reasonably late as a way of coping with the jet lag, and did video chat separately with the Advocate and the Engineer tonight (while trying to work out why we lost sound on one line for a bit). Roll on the end of the month when we can collectively do this at the same time instead of only one-on-one.

The brain is slowly falling asleep so I will let the body follow its example.


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