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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Burning Bush

Burning Bush
Originally uploaded by Heading Out.
This was the day to go back to the small village that Mum came from, and chat with her sister. So taking the new road from Newcastle west toward Carlisle, I turned off, through Brampton and Longtown to Gretna (the home of another family story).

Then after stopping for gas at Dumfries (home of Rabbie Burns) I took the Stranraer road to Castle Douglas and then north to the village. Coming in I saw this new monument - which only went up last year.

It turns out that Dalry was one of the sites where the Covenanters objected to some of the implications following on the presumption of the Divine Right of Kings. In this case it resulted in the king's representatives roasting a man in Dalry with branding irons. The king (as alas has become the habit with a number of rulers whether regal or elected) felt that since God obviously had chosen to have him born to the monarchy then his wish was sort of the way it was meant to be. When others objected, his followers did such interesting things as chaining young girls and old women to stakes in the tidal foreshore. Then sitting in boats as the tide came in, they patiently waited for their victims to recant as the water inexorably rose. They didn't.

Which leads me to muse that it is the Jewish faith that has ten commandments, those who are true Christians must surely count (and logically similarly obey) eleven. But, sadly, the eleventh is the one most often overlooked - as it clearly was in this case.

So, having run out of memory card this picture comes from the digital video and to my ancient eye seems to have the relevant bits. The names of local victims of that period are cut into the leaves of this Burning Bush.

After taking my Aunt out to a pleasant lunch at the Clachan, I then chatted about the usual sins of the rest of the family, before climbing back into the car for the return journey to this lobby.

Coming back I went past the memorial to Old Mortality in Balmaclellan. He spent the last 40 years of his life finding the unmarked graves of the Covenanters that had been slaughtered and erecting monuments to them.

Then on down to Brampton and Greenhead, where I turned off the new road and onto the old Military Road as it paralleled the Old Roman Wall. Cunning new owners, however. When I got to Housteads, the main Roman camp, things had changed. The site used to be clearly visible from the road, looking across the valley.

Can't have that! Bad for business! So in the intervening years since the last visit, they have planted trees on the downslope right beside the road, and these trees now completely obscure the view. Parking alone is 4 English Pounds. Yikes!


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