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Thursday, March 10, 2005

When to move

As others talk about uprooting themselves from current jobs and consider moving on, so those of us at the other end of a career are thinking of when to hang it up. And today was a day when the incentives were a little stronger.

I managed to get all the information out for the four proposals by about 4:30 tonight and have the first phone call discussing one of them at 9 in the morning. But the things that went wrong and had to be corrected definitely got to me today. The grants office sent not only the proposal, but also my excel spreadsheet where I had worked out the budget, full of cryptic little notes to self, to one of the agencies. (Where I gather it was read with some amusement).

In another development one of my colleagues called and wants to give up on solving a problem that we are making progress on, and for which we are being paid money. He suggests as an alternative that I take it over. Somehow the conversation was not fruitful or pleasant.

I also got the budget justifications for all of the funds done. Will it make any difference? Not really, so while we need some of this for a rainy day, it might be better to get some of the items that we need now before our lords and masters come and take anything that is not tied down.

I do think I will withdraw my name for renomination to our society board. I just don't seem to have the energy and enthusiasm for it that I had even four years ago, and so it is time to step aside and let a younger more visionary soul take my place (we hope).


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