Heading Out

Seeking the winds that help to sail on Shakespeare's tide.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Wheesht !

I think I will take my old Gran's advice and follow Dr. B's request from before the time to duck. In fact I think I will quietly tiptoe away and spend my weekend in the politically incorrect pastime (perhaps appropriate in the circs) of learning how to wear the Highland Great Kilt.
For those not aware of the difference to the more conventionally seen one, this came (from the Nurse) as a single 11 yard length of fabric and you have to pleat and fold it properly to get it not only around the middle but also over the shoulder. For us portlier folk it means we don't have to keep sending it off to get remade as we age less than gracefully. Yep it sounds like an appropriate thing to do.


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