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Saturday, March 26, 2005

What, more Guilt?

Yep, he's done it to me again. Here I am trying to give some advice to Jimbo about taking off some time to smell the roses. And what am I doing?

Well after lying in bed until what I would call a disgraceful hour (except I think profgrrrl might object to the term) I spent the rest of today revising that report. (And posting to The Oil Drum ).

So here I sit, Milliadoiro's "Auga de Maio" is gently burbling away to my satisfaction, one of Jimbo's AU's is by my side, and I am re-reading David Weber's "March Upcountry" (and then all the others) before the new one in the series "We Few" shows up on my door next week.

In the greater scheme of things, my friends, what we old ferrets most regret in our later years, is spending too much time at work, but I have to confess that I would not apply that advice until you had tenure. And some of us never took it. And I write notes trying to dissuade faculty from doing that very thing in my real job. So what can I say? Maybe if I feel guilty enough I'll go and have another AU, . . . or two?


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