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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Trapped in Disney World

The flight down was about average, but after the $50 cab fare to the hotel, I wandered into the lobby and lo the machine that does the keys, or the controlling computer thereto, was on the blink. So as a result a bellman walked me to my room and until the machine gets fixed I suppose I should stay in.

So being the good blogger that I am I have added some references for info on Peak Oil. Some of the sites, such as "Life after the Oil Crash" (see the Breaking News page) and The Energy Bulletin are good sites to find comments on the developing situation from papers around the world. Not that I would disbelieve anything I read in the US press, you understand.

Others give broader picture backgrounds, and of these if you have the time some of Matt Simmons pdf files justify the time and space taken to download them - plus he has some nice pictures you can use to help understand some of the issues.


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