Heading Out

Seeking the winds that help to sail on Shakespeare's tide.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Tada ! Tadee! Tadillyum ! Tralee!

Well the Advocate called just on 5:30 pm and his last interview was successful. So after medical school, and residency and fellowship he will finally move into a practice in the North East this summer. It sounds to be just what he was looking for and he is suitably ecstatic. As are we, and being vicarious enjoyers we have decided to go out and celebrate a little. After all this may be one of only very few occasions we may get to do this.

So goodnight report (though only quarter done) sleep well grading, rest quietly budgets (and tax returns) tonight we are going to savor the moment, smell the flowers, all that stuff. Grin, grin , grin.

Oh, and I never said I could carry a tune either!


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