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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Sunday pm transcribing

Just to show how much more ancient I am than profgrrrl I note that the music slowly wending its way through the computer includes, this week:

Vangelis: Antarctica; The Mask; The best of Jon and Vangelis
Andreas Vollenweider: Down to the Moon; Caverna Magica; Dancing with the Lion; White Winds
Jeffrey Reid Baker: Everyone's Favorite Synthesizer Pieces
Gary Numan: Living Ornaments 80
Wyndham Hill Artists: A Winter's Solstice 3
Dr Demento: Christmas
Ravi Shankar: Inside the Kremlin

There is a new shop opened just down the road a spell and they cater to those of us who like slightly more exotic things. But alas they had no Earl Gray and so I had to compromise with First Flush Darjeeling and some Lychee Flavored black tea. They also had some small portions of imported cheese and while the Actress quickly snaffled all but a small morsel of the Italian cheddar, she left me the Gorgonzola - a good excuse to go and have some (and finishing it have an excuse to go back to the store for more such goodies).


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